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About Four Seasons Skylights

We love Michigan and Michigan’s great outdoors.

At Four Seasons Skylights, we feel the more of the natural environment we can safely bring inside, the better. Skylights allow us to extend our reach into these natural spaces, providing a healthier and happier place to call home.

Founded & owned by Erich Strehl, Four Seasons Skylights is the premier skylight installer for the entire west side of Michigan, serving Grand Rapids to Traverse City and everything in between.

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What is the deal with the cardinal?

While not officially the state bird, the Northern Cardinal is a common site in both Michigan’s natural wilderness areas and suburban neighbourhoods.

Whether pitched in the green branches of a tall evergreen or set against the backdrop of Michigan’s white winter snow, a red cardinal never fails to create a picture perfect site. What many people don’t know is, the Northern Cardinal is one of only a handful of birds that remain in Michigan for all four seasons. The combination of its distinctive beauty and its ability to withstand each of Michigan’s four seasons, make the Northern Cardinal the perfect symbol for Four Seasons Skylights.

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